Let's Make Baldwin Better for Everyone

Safeguard Property Values

Families and individuals are flocking to Baldwin County for the quality of life our area offers. The increased demand for housing along with the relatively short supply have raised property values significantly. Many families have poured their life savings into their Baldwin County home and cannot afford to see property values diminish over time. While the market ultimately decides what the value of property is, there are things the County Commission can do to maintain the current value. Properly zoning property, continuing to invest in existing community infrastructure, attracting good-paying jobs to the area, and keeping the schools well-funded are keys to protecting your investment.

Improve Infrastructure

With fast growth comes big decisions on how to best position our infrastructure to keep pace. As a lifelong resident of Baldwin County, you have my word that I will focus on building better roads, working with state officials to secure funding to replace structurally deficient bridges, and plan with city leaders to ensure sewer systems and communications effectiveness are top notch. Baldwin County is one of Alabama’s crown jewels and we must invest in the county infrastructure to keep it that way.

Smarter City Planning

County Commissioners need to work hand-in-glove with city officials to ensure proper planning amidst the immense growth we’re experiencing. Much of that growth is occurring in the county’s jurisdiction, but in a place where a city may eventually grow into. To manage growth in an intelligent fashion, elected officials must communicate consistently and effectively.

Protect Our Environment

Sewage runoff problems have brought the toxicity of our waters in Baldwin County to unacceptable levels. We're Alabama's largest county by geographic area, and we must protect the health of our environment. Whether it’s a farmer trying to grow crops for the market or a family that invests their savings into a home, keeping our land and water healthy must be a top priority. It will take leadership and experience to make this happen – and I have both.

Advocate for Minorities & Disabled

As a society, we are only as blessed and fortunate as those that trail behind us. We must take care of all our citizens regardless of race, gender, or any other demographic distinction. I will be the strongest advocate for our disabled population -- particularly our children -- to ensure they have equal rights, equal access under the law, and equal treatment from their government.

Invest in Public Schools

Baldwin County schools have a growing reputation for quality. However, we must remain vigilant and committed to continuous improvement. The sizeable annual population increase means we need to consistently review strategic plans to ensure the school systems, including Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, have what they need to properly educate our next generation.

Better Childcare & After School Programs

Working parents need childcare solutions to ensure they can meet their employment commitment without breaking their budget, and at-risk youth benefit from after school intervention programs that help to ensure they stay on the right track. As your next county commissioner, I assure you I will invest strongly in both programs!

Hold Elected Officials Accountable

Career politicians who do not listen to the public and who are not held accountable for their job performance drag Baldwin County down. We need a fresh voice for Baldwin County -- one that sees our challenges from a different perspective and works to bring all voices together to solve our problems. I will do exactly what as your next county commissioner!